12 Sep

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IMPORTANT INFO Bus Routes 1 and 6

Lakeport Unified School District is dealing with transportation challenges

Due to a shortage of bus drivers,  Lakeport Unified School District is only able to provide 3 of its 5 regular bus routes.  We are working to fill driver positions and complete driver trainer requirements.

Beginning on Tuesday September 12, 2017 Bus Route # 1 and Bus Route #6 will be temporarily suspended until further notice.

Parents, please make arrangements to get your students to and from school. We apologize for the short notice but we are doing everything possible to hire new drivers.

California does not require its school districts to transport regular education students.

David Norris, LUSD director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation, says the district has been extremely creative since school began to make sure all students were transported to and from school.

We continue to lose drivers for a variety of reasons. The current driver shortage is being felt by many other school districts as well.

Norris notes that the turnover among LUSD bus drivers over the years has been low and hopes to have more drivers trained in the next couple of months. At this point there are drivers that are in various stages of training.

Norris is thankful for the great drivers currently employed by the district and how well they have performed during this shortage. Our drivers continue to greet the children and do their job with dedication.

California law requires drivers undergo 40 plus hours of technical, safety and behind-the-wheel training and pass a rigorous test before they can become certified to drive school children. They must also undergo random drug testing. The whole training and certification process can take months.

If you or someone you know is interested in working for the school district, as a bus driver or substitute bus driver, visit Edjoin.org to apply online, or call (707) 262-3022 for more information.