• May

    Time: 7pm

    Location: Don Owen Stadium, Lakeport Ca 95453

    How is your 8th grader performing? Is he or she going to be able to participate in the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony on Thursday, May 25th? Please be in contact with your 8th grader’s teachers – Mary Forsyth, Melanie Sturr, Tresa Thorley, Zane Jensen, Nicole Wells, Nathan Crozier, and Luis Gomez – to check in on your child’s progress. Students may not have any Fs in any classes in the Second Semester, and must have maintained – at the very least – a D average all school year long in order to participate in the Promotion Ceremony and associated activities. Logging into PowerSchool is your best bet (see link below). Please call the office should you need assistance logging in. Thank you.

    If you’re interested in helping other parents with Promotion-related activities, please contact Yvette Ingham @ 707-245-5228 or Bruce Beyer @ 707-489-0988. There’s no such thing as too much help!4f5674e490b3214e09b548fabca5d8e2