30 Oct

  • By Stasha Drolet
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Every absence – excused or unexcused – is a lost learning opportunity that can have a significant impact on a student’s success in school…and in life. A student who misses 10 percent or more of their school days – 18 or more days in a school year – is considered chronically absent. Chronically absent students are more likely to fall behind in reading and math, and are less likely to graduate from high school.

While we strongly believe that students should be in attendance every day that school is in session, our school nurses recommend that students are not sent to school under the following circumstances: active vomiting/diarrhea; running a fever; active head lice; and the presence of a contagious disease. PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER THE IMPORTANCE OF BASIC HAND-WASHING.

Finally, please understand that teachers are amenable to homework requests, but only after a student has been absent for three days. Compiling necessary materials, and making copies of assignments is extremely time consuming and, unfortunately, these requested materials are often times never retrieved from the office.